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A New Adventure

As you have probably already guessed, my next project is going to be an adventure game. Point & Click, inventory, dialogues, story, discoveries. That kind of thing. I dreamed of creating my own since I was beating the purple tentacle and LeChuck.

After I finished my other game, Rush ‘n’ Roll, which I did to learn Unity3D there were a couple of months of intense work at my day job which did not allow for much coding. But it gave me a chance to think of a story and yeah, a story I finally have! And even a name for the child: The Eternals.

It will be an epic quest through time and space, contain many references to actual technological advances and have quite some surprises. So far I am nearly done with the technical evaluation and can start with the actual game now. I will spend some posts on the process as it helped me a lot to get things sorted out.

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