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Rush ‘n’ Roll

Graphics Downgrade – Game Upgrade

So I had to learn some hard lessons with Rush ‘n’ Roll. I developed on the PC and used nice shadows, forward rendering and HD textures and all was nice and cosy. Of course I did lots of profiling, optimizations and object pooling to get it to run nicely on my Samsung S4 and S2 as well. […]

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Interview Feature

During an interview for showcasing certain job types in my day-job company I was able to show off Rush ‘n’ Roll. Check it out 🙂

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Kii Unity Game Contest – Walk-through Video

Game contests are always a great way to get something done. I call it the wonder of deadlines. I made 11th place and missed the top 10 unfortunately. So bad luck this time but I learned so much along the way. Below is the video showing all major capabilities.

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