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Adventures don’t need graphics

Due to the superb reviews I decided to buy Lifeline some days ago for my S4 phone. I honestly did not expect much. But. What a ride!

lifelineFor those who don’t know it: you are contacted by someone stranded on a far-away planet and get presented with a number of binary choices as you guide him along the way to rescue. There are no graphics whatsoever. We are talking text here. Text! And you have to wait all the time since the game simulates some pseudo-realtime behavior so if the character walks 5 hours, you wait.

In the beginning I thought WTF, how is this supposed to work. But after only 5 minutes into the game you honestly cannot put it away anymore. The presentation is flawless, the pacing superb but there is one single ingredient that makes it all work and that is the writing. The character is so hilarious in his thoughts and answers. The choices are really tough sometimes and the excitement if a new message arrives is really there.

If you haven’t played it yet, go and get it. Worth every cent.

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