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A New Quest

It’s been two and a half years since I actively developed for VR. I have a good excuse though. He is now two and a half years 🙂 And now as time for my own endeavours is slowly coming back, the Oculus Quest was released. I have to admit, I was instantly intrigued as I see see it as a game changer:

  • no cables, allowing much more immersive experiences, also allowing lots of turning
  • no power pc needed, all runs on the device
  • no sensors to set up anymore, just draw a rectangle on the ground
  • all this resulting in a very attractive price point

So during my vacation I bought one and have to admit: wow. It’s awesome. The experience is really nice. And there is quite some content! On the flipside, content is a bit pricey but there are demos for multiple apps. And it’s also a bit heavy on the head for me after a while, which I find the most annoying.

On the other hand, I am not much of a VR consumer. I love creating things. And so I am installing Unity 2019.2 as I write and will see where that leads me.

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