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Field Research

It’s time to do some research on other projects out there with similar concepts to Maze VR.

Tea for God

Definitely the first one I have to name here. This is awesome. I was a bit set back actually because this project has some of the mechanics I am envisioning as well but the whole setting and game play and vision is radically different so I am relaxed again. Technically, it uses portals with mastery. I think it is a custom engine, at least from what I could derive from the screenshots.

I tried the Quest version and I could not make out where rooms are swapped, it’s that good. And speaking of, yes there is a Quest version πŸ™‚ I can only recommend to try it out and hope there will be many exciting updates in the future!

For details, check out the page!

Unseen Diplomacy

Six weeks development time to create this amazing 4 minute random maze experience. Wow. It employs a room-swapping corridor method which is nicely masked by using the many doors one can open and close. The downside: it requires a HUGE play area but I just learned version 2 is in the making (now with portals). If you own a Vive and a villa or a parking lot, give it a spin and get it from Steam.

Shattered Lights

Oh. My. God. It might not be heavy on the actual game side but this must be one of the most gorgeous looking VR games I know AND it uses impossible spaces. The sheer amount of props they stuff the levels with and the level design are top notch.


A redirected walking game out of global game jam 2020. It does not use portals at all but instead rotates the world around you while you walk. Paired with interesting physics puzzles this makes for a great redirected walking experience. Load it from SideQuest!


An obvious candidate. Not really what I would classify as non-euclidean geometry since the portals are ACTUAL portals, visibly showing another room and not masking the way to some how fold something into the same geometry space. But technology-wise, and of course the whole game, it’s a master-piece that I enjoyed a lot.


I discovered this actually late. A friend of mine made me notice and oh my, this is good. So many great concepts and ideas how to use non-euclidean geometry concepts. All embedded into a somewhat narrated story / endless tutorial. I checked multiple forums and from what I can at least read so far, unfortunately no VR version is planned. From what I can see technology-wise I think it is a mixture of portal and stencil / depth buffer usage.

Tracy Laser

This one is super neat and I am really looking forward to play it once out. It does not utilize non-euclidean geometry or even portals from what I can see but it very intelligently make use of the available space (2.5 x 2.5m) by having the player use moving platforms and elevators (a lot). The term coined here is redirected walking.

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I’ll extend this page with new projects as soon as I learn about them. Have a tip? Post a comment!

3 thoughts on “Field Research

  1. Tea For God dev here πŸ™‚

    I actually have the same thing when I run into a game that uses portals or is swapping rooms (like Unseen Diplomacy). But to be honest, I really want more games to have that. Tea For God is a roguelite. I’d like to see horrors (like Shattered Lights), narrative-driven games, adventure games and so on. And other shooters and other roguelites.

    And as for the engine – it is a custom engine. Triangular Pixels are now working on Unseen Diplomacy 2 and John did such portals in Unity. Unseen Diplomacy was swapping rooms to achieve a similar effect.

    1. Welcome πŸ™‚ I checked out the videos and I am reading through the blog right now of the Unseen Diplomacy devs. Super interesting! Our three projects seem to share very similar challenges and thought processes. I love it! Maybe we should do a Skype (or VR Chat) introduction conference some day?

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