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Year: 2020

An editor for impossible spaces in Virtual Reality

Today marks a huge milestone. So prepare for some lengthy rambling. Grab some popcorn and here we go: So far, Out Or Dead has been a collection of by now 3 levels which I designed and it shows different ways of creating an extremely immersive experience for VR players. From all the feedback I see […]

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Great VR Portal Resources

I have been asked multiple times already if I can share more code from my project for the parts that handle the portals. While I love to write about them and explain the concepts, I am really certain the actual code is not something that people will appreciate as it is highly specific to my […]

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A Whole New Level

I took my time, but the day is finally here that I can launch the new version. It brings the game to a completely new level. Here’s why: First of all, there is a new level. YOU. ARE. PAC-MAN!  How did this come into existence? Here’s the story: The main new feature of the new update is that there […]

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Tooltips in Virtual Reality

So I did the play tests of Out Or Dead and my friends were all enthusiastic. Then I asked them how they liked the slow motion feature. And everybody was like: what? Which one? In the picture above you see the situation they were faced with. There is simply no indication at all what an […]

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It’s On – Release One

TL;DR Grab the APK from GitHub Nearly six months ago it all started. Having just received my Quest I instantly felt the urge to get back into game development which I had paused for nearly three years. VR is all about experiences for me. Visit adventurous places. Dare to do crazy things. Feel special. Be […]

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Non-euclidean Stencil Portals in Virtual Reality

Multiple of my posts looked already at different technical aspects of how portals can be realized. Since it is the underlying mechanic for Out Or Dead that should not come as a surprise: Types of portals Snapping Stencil buffer challenges Being four months into development, I have learned a lot and I want to share […]

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