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It’s On – Release One

TL;DR Grab the APK from GitHub

Nearly six months ago it all started. Having just received my Quest I instantly felt the urge to get back into game development which I had paused for nearly three years.

VR is all about experiences for me. Visit adventurous places. Dare to do crazy things. Feel special. Be able to do something you could not do in real life.

I was able to create a technology that can take you to amazing places and lets you feel fully immersed. And today I want to share that with everyone.

Even though there is not a lot of content yet I find myself smiling when doing nightly play tests. And this is also my indicator not to hold back the project anymore. I’d love for everyone to try and also to influence where this whole endeavor might lead to. Now that most of the core technology is actually done, content work can finally start.

What you get

Located in a space science station a captured Asteroid is being investigated. The energy it spreads allows to create alternate dimensions to investigate. The overall goal is always the same: find an exit. And there are only two possible results: You are either Out, or Dead.

There are two experiences to start with:

The Pyramid – Escape Room

This is a super first version with no real content but already exciting to walk through.

Having broken into the ground with only a flashlight available you have to find your way out again through creepy labyrinths, ancient tombs, dangerous pitfalls and rusty mechanisms. There will be a lot of cool riddles to come and one day also multi-player which will introduce many additional game mechanics.

The Training Ground – Labyrinth Shooter

I am quite a fan of shooters. Having built the labyrinth creator it was therefore only a short leap to put some items into a parcours to shoot at. It reminds a bit of the marvelous Tea for God but I want take it into a completely different direction.

Multiple options are available. You can carry two items at a time, one in each hand. Select between a gun, shied, flashlight or a time device which temporarily slows down time Matrix style. Why a flashlight? If you dare there is a special mode to turn out the lights. It is creepy though. Really creepy.

Why two experiences? My dream is to create a platform where everybody can create experiences. A big chunk of the time was therefore spent on making the whole engine generic. To achieve that I needed two distinct scenarios to really come up with the right internal mechanisms and to ensure there is nothing hard-coded.

Where to get it

Each release can be found on the public github repository to download. The recommended way is to install it simply through SideQuest which will take care of installation and updates.

The Road Ahead

I want to provide the atomic building blocks and core logic. Design, scenes and layout are part of an SDK. I will work out the two existing levels to full polish and once done release them as open source together with the SDK. That will take a couple of more months.

One idea I want to pursue rather soon are random levels. Using all the available mechanics, the game will present you with an individual challenge each time you play. And with more content being added all the time also the random levels will become incredibly diverse.

Meanwhile there will be constant (most likely weekly) updates and if there is feedback or suggestions I’d love to hear and discuss (on Discord). More diverse rooms and branching levels are coming soon for example. The release notes on GitHub will always list what has been added. Let’s make this awesome together!

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