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Month: July 2015

Windows 10

Installation I just upgraded to Windows 10 using the download tool. Download took around 4 minutes and installation around 1 hour. I have an SSD and deactivated my AntiVir solution to get the quickest installation possible before leaving for work and it looked promising in the beginning having completed phases 1 and 2 of the […]

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Technical Setup

The premise for this project is to deliver something top notch. Something that has the potential to amaze people. One aspect of that is story and gameplay. Another big part is the technology behind. I am a strong believer in early on adopting new technologies. This will incur the cost of having to deal with […]

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Writing a Story

I started back in October 2014¬†when the summer was gone and temperatures got cold. And I started like all stories start: with a blank sheet of paper. They are¬†horrible. These first words and ideas. I did not want to get into the situation again that like with Rush ‘n’ Roll that I made something that […]

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