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Month: October 2019

Halloween Death Traps aka Random Paths

It’s Halloween, nobody came this year to get chocolate, and so while I was eating all of it I finished another nice world building feature. I already showed how easy it is now to include mazes. A similar concept but with a totally different feeling in VR is walking on a narrow path up high. […]

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Constructing Endlessness

What a week. While I was constantly building features into the Maze VR world builder I knew that one topic will not go away: the transitioning between the rooms. I had already thought about the three different options in a blog post before and looked at their pros and cons. More and more I get […]

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World Building – Snapping

With the Maze VR world builder constantly learning new tricks, I had somehow forgotten about one really important time-saving feature. All elements that can be put into the world start at their local (0,0,0) and then expand towards z to accommodate different thicknesses of objects. A poster is for example very thing, a wall on […]

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Field Research

While developing traVRsal I want to keep an eye on other projects out there with similar concepts as I just love such experiences. This list will be constantly updated as I discover new experiences! Free-Roaming Games traVRsal Since I am the developer of it, allow me to start with my game. Combining procedural and manual […]

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