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Month: August 2015

Graphics Downgrade – Game Upgrade

So I had to learn some hard lessons with Rush ‘n’ Roll. I developed on the PC and used nice shadows, forward rendering and HD textures and all was nice and cosy. Of course I did lots of profiling, optimizations and object pooling to get it to run nicely on my Samsung S4 and S2 as well. […]

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Unity Asset Management

I went shopping yesterday and bought around 15 asset packs for interior design, props, furniture, electronics etc. That means I now own 344 asset packages (which I typically buy on sale/summer/winter specials). Since I expect to need many of the ones containing useful models I always import  them into my project. That makes the project […]

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Inventory Inspector

Ethan Carter Yesterday I played through the quite amazing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. It is an exciting expertly crafted open world exploration adventure game with an interesting story (a bit of a let-down at the end but forgiven). What really makes it stand out is its use of a technique called photogrammetry. With that they are […]

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The Very First Screenshots

As I am getting closer to my first level that can actually be played through I also invest a bit more time into the scenery, objects and such. Most objects and icons are still placeholders though but I still want to give you a first sneak peak behind the scenes of The Eternals 🙂

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Puzzle Design

Adventures need puzzles. And good ones actually. When I think of adventure puzzles the following categories come to my mind: Item-Based You collect some item, use it somewhere else, combine items to create new items and use these etc. For me that is THE basis of an adventure game. There is a trend these days to […]

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